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Skyloop™ is a cloud based system with full mobile capabilities that facilitates the collaborationand exchange of information between professional service providers, business and non-professional general users via “Sparks”. Skyloop™ accepts no responsible for the validity or accuracy of the information contained or purported in any Spark. Any errors or omissions should be reported back to the source of the Spark or your primary service provider for correction, validation or deletion.

Skyloop™ is not licensed to, nor does it provide financial, taxation or legal advice or more generally, advice of any nature. The information contained therein is not intended to be relied upon for any purpose other than that for which it was intended by the user and use of the Skyloop™ system does not guarantee that the person utilizing the Skyloop™ system has considered the personal needs and objectives of the parties involved.

Use of the Skyloop™ system is on an "as is" basis and while all care is taken to ensureSkyloop™Systems operates without incident or issue, we provide no warranties to any user as to the suitability or compatibility of the system with any other software, computer, network, internet provider, internet browser, computer server or hardware and accept no responsibility whatsoever for system failures, technical malfunctions or any other problems that may occur as a result of using the Skyloop™ system.

Transmitted document files are retained on the users account. Members and users are encourage to store important information and/or documents on their own systems as Skyloop™, its owners, management and staff are not responsible for the loss, misuse or damage of any file or information whatsoever. For more information see Skyloop Terms and Conditions.

Charging Policy - Skyloop™Version 1 Web is offered as a free service.Skyloop™reserves the right to introduce a subscriber charging model for Version 2 Web and beyond or at any stage where it deems this necessary in order to continue the viable offering of its product.Skyloop™ V1 Mobile will also be offered as a free service however Skyloop™ reserves the right to introduce a subscriber charging model for Version 2 Mobile and beyond or at any stage where it deems this necessary in order to continue the viable offering of its product.

Unsubscribe and Delete - Users may unsubscribe and delete their account at any time by clicking the unsubscribe/delete link in the Settings and Preferences area by following the prompts. Deleting your account will result in the destruction of all information and files associated with that account. Files and information appearing on your connections accounts however will remain.


Skyloop™System Pty Limited is a highly ethical, socially responsible company and as such, we respect the privacy of our users. We support the Australian National Privacy Principals (NPP) as contained within Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2001 and retain only such information as is required to deliver the relevant service which is generally (but not limited to) your name and primary contact details.

Collection of Personal Information - Skyloop™ does not collect detailed personal information other than your publically advertised general contact information. Users of the Skyloop™System are typically business, non-professionals and/orprofessional service providers who may be privileged to hold on file, your personal information it is therefore your responsibility to ensure these service providers adhere to the relevant privacy legislation and hold current disclosure authorities where required, which are signed by you or your legal representative.

Transmission of Files– Where users transfer document files via the Skyloop™ system, Skyloop™ Systems Pty Limited is not able to view their contents. Files are not retained by Skyloop™Systems Pty Limited nor do we retain any specific transmission information other than such files that are necessary to provide the service to you, the user. Users are solely responsible for the retention and storage of any files they deem to be of importance. Neither Skyloop nor its employees or agents will be held responsible for the loss, destruction or misuse of files posted to the Skyloop system. Files are posted at the users discretion.

For more information regarding Skyloop Policies please refer to our General Terms and Conditions or contact our administration staff during normal business hours and we will be happy to email one to you.

Skyloop Team